PhD in theatre studies and additional degrees in theatre, film and media
studies as well as journalism and communication science from the University
of Vienna. Research on contemporary Dutch theatre, lecturer at the University of Vienna – Institute of theatre studies, public relations work for independent theatre groups in Vienna, eight years of freelance work with the Filmarchiv Austria in Vienna and editor of the journal Filmkunst. Many years of research on the British painter and filmmaker Derek Jarman, publication of Derek Jarman – Moving Pictures of a Painter. At the same time, intensive involvement with graphic design, numerous design works in the years that followed. Early 2000, founds a business,  freelance work in the areas of graphic design, project development and urban photography.


In recent years, numerous documentary and urbanistic photo projects about Vienna:

geschaefte wien

Shops with history – sundry goods in Vienna
Photographs of old shopfronts and businesses in Vienna. In collaboration with Philipp Graf, traditional Viennese storefronts currently in the process of disappearing are captured on film, together with their displays. (2011 – present)
Shops with history – sundry goods in Vienna

vienna windows

Vienna windows – Display in Process
An artistic and urbanistic project in collaboration with Hanna Schimek on the enigmatic displays of still-existing or already-closed businesses in Vienna. Publication in the form of a photoblog in progress (2011 – present)
Vienna windows – Display in Process

wien suedbahnhof

Vienna Südbahnhof
A documentary photographic work and virtual reminder of Vienna’s Südbahnhof, the rail station demolished in 2010 in order to make way for the construction of the new Hauptbahnhof. In collaboration with Philipp Graf, 2008 – 2010.
Vienna Südbahnhof


Air-raid cellars
A photographic hunt for traces of the markings related to these air-raid shelters, which were placed on the facades of Viennese buildings during the Second World War.
(1992 – present).
Air-raid cellars

Döner macht schöner (with kebab you’ll need no make up)
In 2009, this long-term project was begun; it explores changes in the appearance of Viennese (shopping) streets deriving from the opening of new businesses and establishments by immigrants from Turkey and Eastern Europe.
Döner macht schöner

Die Billigesser – The cheap-eaters
This project was inspired by the novella of the same name by Thomas Bernhard. A hidden camera (a Nokia 6230i mobile phone) was used to create short photo stories about public canteens in Vienna and Berlin, some of which no longer exist. The series was originally published as a photoblog on myspace, in collaboration with Helmut Mörwald, 2006 -2008.

Die Billigesser – The cheap-eaters


Was Fotografie kann (What photography can do)
Concept and curating: Hermann H. Capor

5. – 9. 6. 2019: Schüttkasten Allentsteig, Allentsteig
6. – 30. 6. 2019: House of Art, Baden
6. 9. – 6. 10. 2019: Konzerthaus Weinviertel, Ziersdorf
13. 11. – 8. 12. 2019: Rathaus, Gänserndorf

Participating artists: Irene Andessner, Yevgenia Belorusets, Carla Bobadilla, Magdalena Frey, Martin Frey, Philipp Graf, Markus Guschelbauer, Robert F. Hammerstiel, Sissa Micheli, Michael Michlmayr, Andreas Müller, Olena Newkryta, Wolfgang Reichmann, Konrad Strutz.

This group exhibition shows results from different theoretical, technical and intellectual claims to the medium of photography. I am participating together with Philipp Graf with our project SPURENSUCHE 2018, invited by Hermann H. Capor.

A Photographic Comparison
Lia Wolf Cabinett
1010 Wien, Sonnenfelsgasse 3
25.9. – 31.10.2018

For the very first time, Philipp Graf and I have selected more than 30 shops from our collection „Geschäfte mit Geschichte – Waren aller Art in Wien“, which no longer exist. In the summer of 2018 we visited their places and in many cases we were able to record the changes photographically. The photographs of the old shops were juxtaposed with the new conditions – 22 of these pairs of images were shown during the exhibition in the bookstore of Lia Wolf.

It’s all about shop windows – but also more

Budapest 23.11. – 11.12. 2017
FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture
PUCCS Contemporary Art

Artistic concept and organisation of an exhibition series at three locations in Budapest, together with Hanna Schimek. During this exhibition we presented the results of our one-year artistic and urban-research project on shop windows of small shops in Budapest. The work was developed i.a. during workshops together with students at the Budapest School for Decoration and Window Dressing (class of Eszter Sárkics). Participating artists of the exhibitions: Miklós Erhardt, László Korga, János Sugár, Gruppo Tökmag (Tamás Budha and András Tábori) and Victoria Square Project (Rick Lowe, Maria Papadimitriou).

Dialogue Budapest – Vienna

FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture
Budapest, 23.11. – 11.12. 2017

Dialogue Budapest – Vienna was the title of my one-year workshop with students of the School for Decoration and Window Dressing in Budapest. Digital slide show / large-scale projection, as part of the exhibition series Budapest Windows.

Love Is The Answer

FUGA Budapest Center of Architecture
Budapest 23.11. – 11.12. 2017

Love Is The Answer is an urban research photo project about old Pepsi Cola logos and advertisments in Budapest. As part of the exhibition series Budapest Windows.

Das Eisstanitzel – A Fagyi

Budapest, 23.11.2017 – 15.1.2018

Das Eisstanitzel – A Fagyi is a photo installation with an ice cone sculpture by László Korga. As part of the exhibition series Budapest Windows

Local Hero / Helyi Hős
Budapest, 23.11.2017 – 20.12.2017
1084 Budapest, Nagy Fuvaros u. 3a

This is the final project of the one-year workshop Dialogue Budapest – Vienna at the School for Decoration and Window Dressing. Together with students from Eszter Sárkics’s class “Organizing Objects in Space”, I will transform a vacant shop in Budapest’s 8th district into a “Local Hero / Helyi Hős”

Fotografien mit einem Plus-Plus
Über die filmischen Arbeiten von Antoinette Zwirchmayr.

In: kolik.film, April 2018, Sonderheft 29/2018.



Sex in Wien – Lust. Kontrolle. Ungehorsam
Participation in the exhibition at the Wien Museum:
Wien Museum
Karlsplatz 8
1040 Wien
15. September 2016 bis 22. Jänner 2017

In cooperation with the magazine Stadtform nine photographs from my series Ring My Bell – Doors into the gay nightlife of Vienna in the 1980s are shown at the Wien Museum during the exhibition Sex in Wien – Lust. Kontrolle. Ungehorsam:
The totally eleven photographs from this series were shot in 1989 with an analogues Olympus OM 20 Kamera on Ilford HP5 Film. Now they were scanned on a high end scanner and digitally remasterd for the magazine print and the fine art prints.


Participation on the Walk of Art 2016

Walk of Art 2016
October, November 2016
From nightfall:
1050 Vienna, Rechte Winzeile 2A
1150 Vienna, Linke Wienzeile,
near Längenfeldgasse / Stiegergasse

Eight photographs from the project Vienna Windows – Auslage in Arbeit, from Hanna Schimek and me, are shown on two big wall screens.


Participation on the YOUR VIEWS film project by Gillian Wearing
The University of Brighton Gallery, Grand Parade, Brighton
30. April – 29. Mai 2016
HOUSE 2016 Festival

At the invitation of the British artist Gilllian Wearing I participate with a short film clip on her collaborative film project Your Views. The first run of this work will be at the HOUSE 2016 Festival, on the occassion of the 50th anniversary year of Brighton Festival in May 2016. Brighton University Galleries presents the work in the form of a video installation and exhibition.


Gemeinde Bau Kunst Exhibition
Galerie West 46, Vienna
20.1.2016 bis 28.1.2016

As part of a photo competition on the subject of municipal housing 14 winners were chosen from over 260 submissions selected, including three of my works to my theme Municipal housing – Green oases of the city.


Vienna – City of Lights?
An interactive media project carried out for the magazine stadtform.
June – October 2015

stadtform, Vol.1, October 2015
and online at www.stadtform.at/lichter

Martin Frey and Philipp Graf dive into the nocturnal Bermuda Triangle, the most well-known nightlife district of Vienna, which is located between Rabensteig, Seitenstettengasse and Judengasse up to Ruprechtsplatz. Lighting and neon signs show them the way, they drift associatively through the dark streets of this area. They explore photographically what types of lights show them the way and how they perceive these. Lisa Puchner accompanies the two on their research journey through the night and records the surroundings of each station acoustically.


Participation in the exhibition EXPOSED – Exploring the Roots
Galerie West 46, 1070 Vienna

7. 4. 2015 – 19. 4. 2015
On the occasion of the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day the exhibition EXPOSED – Exploring the Roots presents alternative and historic processes in artistic photography. As part of this exhibition I present my Polaroids Vienna Alsergrund which were selected from more than 500 entries. They were taken 2011 with original Polaroid© film from 2008 and are a commentary on my project Shops with history – sundry goods in Vienna.


Exhibition in the Wienbibliothek im Rathaus (Vienna City Library):
Vienna Windows – Display in Process
27. 10. 2014 – 31. 1. 2015
A selection of photographs will be shown as a projection, a spatial installation establishes associative references to the projected images. In a showcase of the reading room, the librarians of the Vienna City Library stage together with the two researchers a display in process“.


Artistbook „Vienna Windows – Auslage in Arbeit“
This book was published in the context of the exhibition „Vienna Windows – Display in Process“, which is presented from October 2014 to January 2015, in the Wienbibliothek im Rathaus (Vienny City Library):
92 pages, color, 80 photographs, 210 x 145 mm, EUR 15,-

It has snowed since you were here, and your tracks are covered.
About the exhibition Derek Jarman. Brutal Beauty at Kunsthalle Wien, 2008
In: ray – filmmagazin, 07/08-2008.


„Hier wird nichts durch die Blume, sondern alles durchs Geschlecht gesagt.“
Die visualisierten Partituren des Paolo Mezzacapo de Cenzo.
In: SMELL IT! Freundschaft als Lebens-, Produktions- und Aktionsform.
Hrsg.: Dietmar Schwärzler, Wien 2009


Derek Jarman – Moving Pictures of a Painter
Home Movies, Super-8 Films and Other Small Gestures

Publication about the English painter, film-maker and writer Derek Jarman (1942 – 1994) and his lesser known home movies, Super 8 Films and the cinema of small gestures that developed out of them.
Derek Jarman – Moving Pictures of a Painter


„There’s no place like the Home-Movie…“
Derek Jarman’s Home-Movies und Super-8-Kurzfilme

In: ROHSTOFF. Eine filmhistorische Recherche nach der kleinen Form. Fanzine 1, Dezember 2004.

theater holland niederlande

Creatieve Marge
Die Entwicklung des niederländischen Off-Theaters

Study on the emergence of the Dutch off-theater in the second half of the twentieth century.
Creatieve Marge – Die Entwicklung des niederländischen Off-Theaters


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